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Knowledgeable, considerate, accommodating, and very attentive to details and needs of individual student.
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Bryan at LogoLife is a very knowledgeable tutor with a unique ability to pay meticulous attention to details that can make a huge difference when applying to your dream school. Bryan was able to guide me through the process of constructing and elevating my college essay to a much high standard. His deep understanding of the college admission process helped me write a much more concise and descriptive essay. His resume writing skills are top-notch and will allow you to stand out above the rest. I strongly recommend Bryan to anyone who is serious about applying and getting accepted to highly completive school/college.
Empowerment and Excellence at Next Step College Counseling
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Choosing LogoLife's College Counseling was one of the best decisions we've made. The counselor treated my daughter like her own, BELIEVING in her even when she doubted herself. She was thorough in her approach, helping us understand which schools were the best fit and why. The mock interviews were particularly beneficial, giving my daughter the confidence she needed. We were overjoyed when she got into her top choices, including two Ivy Leagues. Their dedication and personal touch made all the difference.
A Lifesaving Experience at LogoLife's AcceptedX College Counseling
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When I first started looking into college applications, I felt overwhelmed. LogoLife's College Counseling was recommended by a family friend, and from my first meeting with my counselor, I knew I was in capable hands. She took the time to understand my academic interests and extracurricular activities, and together, we crafted a personalized college list that truly reflected my aspirations and potential. The guidance on essays was amazing, turning my initial vague ideas into clear, impactful stories that showcased my unique experiences and ambitions.
Transformative Guidance by LogoLife's AcceptedX
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My counselor had an impressive ability to connect with students and a deep understanding of the college admission process. Each session, we reviewed progress and adjusted strategies as needed, focusing on both big-picture goals and the minute details of application requirements. His encouragement to pursue a challenging senior year curriculum paid off, and his meticulous review of my applications made a clear difference. I received early acceptance to an Ivy League school, a goal I once thought was out of reach but achieved with their expert guidance.
Impossible to get a better College Essay Writing coach.
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Bryan from LogoLife is an exceptional College Essay coach who can demolish any writer's block through a systematic approach that breaks down the prompt into small achievable goals. Bryan's ability to pull out the writer's most powerful thoughts into each paragraph is truly a gift that is very hard to find. We can't thank him enough for coaching our son through his college application process.
Comprehensive Support from AcceptedX College Help
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AcceptedX was instrumental in my college application success. My counselor was not only knowledgeable about the intricacies of college admissions but also incredibly supportive. He provided a comprehensive roadmap from day one, outlining every step of the process. We worked together on everything from selecting schools that fit my needs to fine-tuning my financial aid applications. His advice was always spot-on, whether it was about how to ask for recommendation letters or preparing for alumni interviews. I am now attending a prestigious liberal arts college, and I couldn't have done it without their thorough and caring approach.
Amazing, non-nonsense, highly efficient writing tutor
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If you need assistance with any writing assignments our family highly recommends Bryan. Bryan assisted my younger son with the review of his common app essay and my older son with his law school essays. He was direct, engaged, and a gifted writer. He helped flush out ideas and concepts with my older son. We can't recommend Bryan enough!

The AcceptedX Advantage

At LogoLife, we specialize in preparing students for top tech programs.

Our founders have 15+ years of experience working in tech teams from Fortune 5 companies to venture backed startups.

We know exactly what it takes to break into tech as a software engineer, product designer, or product manager. We know how you can become the candidate who universities will beg to join their tech programs.

What makes a
standout profile?

Passion Project
Case Studies

Discover extracurriculars
perfectly suited to your child’s interests

MITES Semester
Enhance your computer science skills through MIT’s rigorous MITES program. Participate in intensive coursework, hands-on projects, and receive mentorship from industry experts. This program equips you with the technical knowledge and professional connections essential for a successful career in technology.
Regeneron ISEF
Showcase your research at one of the world's top science fairs. $9M awards granted to competitors in 2024. Gain invaluable experience in presenting your findings, networking with leading scientists, and earning recognition for your innovative work. This prestigious competition provides a strong foundation for a future career in STEM.
Habitat for Humanity
Engage in hands-on building projects with Habitat for Humanity. This volunteer opportunity enhances skills in construction, design, structural analysis, and project management, making it ideal for aspiring mechanical engineers while making a meaningful impact in the community. Locations across the US.
RSI Summer Program
Join the elite Research Science Institute program at MIT, where you conduct cutting-edge research and collaborate with top faculty and peers. This program offers hands-on experience in advanced research techniques, deepening your scientific knowledge and preparing you for a successful future in STEM.
IDEO Design Thinking
Master human-centered design principles. Work on real-world projects, collaborate with industry experts, and develop innovative solutions to complex challenges. This program provides practical experience and a deep understanding of the design thinking process, essential for a career in design.
Brain Bee Competition
Test your knowledge of the brain and nervous system in the Brain Bee Competition. Compete with peers on neuroanatomy, brain functions, and neurological diseases. This enhances your understanding of neuroscience and provides valuable experience for a future in research and healthcare.
Extracurriculars Planned For You
We help our students build a tailored plan for extracurricular activities that strengthens their profile, aligns with their intended major, and shapes a compelling narrative for college applications. Our expert guidance ensures each activity is relevant and impactful, setting your child apart in the admissions process.

For High-Income Families

Alternative to
Need-Based Aid

If your family’s income disqualifies you from need-based financial aid, merit-based scholarships provide a valuable alternative based on achievements and talents.

Academic Excellence

Highlight academic strengths to stand out in scholarship applications.

Artistic & Leadership Talents

Showcase artistic skills and leadership qualities to increase scholarship chances.

Comprehensive Scholarship Application Support

Comprehensive help with finding and applying for scholarships, ensuring your child’s talents are rewarded.

Our college counselors
will give your child
an advantage.

How we help you get into tech programs

Tech Portfolios

Create standout tech portfolios that showcase your coding projects, design work, and innovative solutions.

Internships & Research

Acquire internships at tech companies, providing real-world experience and valuable industry connections.

Tech Extracurriculars

We encourage and prepare students to participate in hackathons, coding competitions, and other tech challenges.

Personalized College Selection

We help students identify the best tech programs that fit their goals and profile.

Mentored by Industry Professionals

We offer 1:1 mentorship with tech industry professionals who guide and teach our students tech skills based on their ideal career path.

Build Personalized Websites

We build custom websites for students to showcase their stories and achievements, enhancing their college applications with a professional digital portfolio.

Application Success Predictor

Profile Strength & Risk Scores

We help our
students build technology portfolios

We help our students build
technology portfolios

a Roblox Game

A fully functional Roblox game that is will be live on Roblox servers for others to play.

A fully functional Roblox game that is will be live on Roblox servers for others to play.

a Web Application

Students have the choice in the types of app they want to build (i.e. social media, web3, ecommerce, game, etc…)

Students have the choice in the types of app they want to build (i.e. social media, web3, ecommerce, game, etc…)

a Discord Bot

Students will build a bot application that can be used in Discord.

Students will build a bot application that can be used in Discord.

a Website

Students will build a fully functional website.

Students will build a fully functional website.

an Artificial Intelligence/
Machine Learning Application

Students will build an application using AI/Machine Learning.

Students will build an application using AI/Machine Learning.

College Acceptance and Security

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We care, a lot...

Life-Changing Guidance at LogoLife's AcceptedX Program
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As a parent, seeing your child struggle with the overwhelming college application process is hard. THANKFULLY, Academy College Coaches was there every step of the way. My son's counselor was not only incredibly knowledgeable but also uniquely attuned to his needs, especially in STEM areas. His advice on selecting the right courses and activities to highlight my son's strengths was spot on. The detailed attention he gave to crafting essays that truly spoke in my son's voice was beyond what we expected. The result? A full scholarship at MIT! We couldn't be more grateful for the personalized service.
A Comprehensive Journey at LogoLife's College Advisors
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LogoLife's college counselors went ABOVE AND BEYOND in helping my daughter with her college applications. From the initial meetings, it was clear that her counselor truly cared about her as a person, not just as an applicant. She encouraged my daughter to pursue her passion for the arts more seriously, which led to her winning significant competitions. These achievements not only boosted her application but also her self-esteem. The acceptance into prestigious arts programs was a dream come true. We are forever thankful for the comprehensive and empathetic guidance provided.
Amazing College Essay Coach!
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Bryan at LogoLife has been a blessing for our HS Senior son! He has turned the stressful time of preparing college essays and applications into an enjoyable one. The sessions have all been extremely productive and efficient. They don't waste anytime in their sessions! Would HIGHLY recommend Bryan for any college essay coaching/counseling!
Top Engineering Schools
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My son has always been a tech enthusiast, and his counselor leveraged this beautifully in his applications, guiding him on how to integrate his tech projects. They were always a step ahead, adapting to the latest in digital tools and college preferences, which definitely gave my son an edge. Seeing him get offers from top engineering schools was a proud moment for all of us. Highly recommend their forward-thinking and supportive approach!

Lead your
child into their
dream college.

Lead your child into
their dream college.

Lead your
child into their
dream college.

Lead your child into their dream college.

Lead your child into their dream school

Your journey starts here.

Your journey
starts here.

Your acceptance awaits.

Lead your child into their dream college.

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