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The AcceptedX experience

The purpose of AcceptedX is to help your child get into their dream college and build an exciting vision for their future.

This is not just college application prep. We want to help your child be fully equipped to pursue their dreams. To pick the right major that aligns with their interests and aptitudes.

To have a sense of meaning and purpose when they enter into the university so they're more likely to have a positive experience and stay away from negative influencers.

We do college consulting
different here.

Our advantage

We do
college consulting
different here.

We do college consulting different here.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning college panels trained on thousands of successful previous college applications offers an insider's perspective.

Ideal Candidate Narrative

Our ICN approach is designed to meticulously craft your student's profile, transforming them into the perfect candidate for colleges.

Career and life coaching

This is more than just college consulting. It's about shaping future leaders, thinkers, and doers. It’s about ensuring your child doesn’t just get into their dream college but also excels there and in the life that follows.

Competitive college consulting

Application support

Navigate your college journey with a personal guide. Our tailored application support turns aspirations into admissions.

College & Major Choices

Find your perfect academic match with our bespoke advice. We align your passions and goals with the ideal college and major.

Recommendation Letters

Let's ensure your recommenders share your story compellingly. Our strategic touch can make your letters shine.

Interview Preparation

Turn interview nerves into confidence. Our personalized prep sets the stage for you to impress and express.

Waitlist support

On the waitlist? We're here to boost your profile and turn that maybe into a yes, with personalized advocacy strategies.


Unlock scholarship success with our one-on-one guidance. Together, we'll secure the funds to fuel your dreams.

The Dream System

Career and life coaching



Understand Purpose


Economics &


The Journey To Acceptance

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Dream System
Start with our Dream System, a six-step framework designed to align your child's unique talents with a purpose-driven future.
Transition into WiseApply, where personalized counseling meets practical steps for college admissions.
As acceptance letters arrive, we help evaluate offers, ensuring that the chosen institution aligns with your child's dreams.

How it works

The Dream System helps your child identify their passions, build a vision for their future, and learn entrepreneurial skills. After learning the Dream System in a small group, your child will start their 1:1 private counselor sessions to get into their dream school.

Create an application strategy
Build a vision for your future by learning the Dream System™
Decide on ideal colleges and majors
We're going to identify your dream schools, target schools, and some safer options so that we have a comprehensive strategy.
Build your personal story
Understand your story and how to communicate who you are effectively. Including activities, honors, personal statements & essays
Create your application
Putting it all together: your personal brand, recommendation letters, supplemental essays, and more.
Apply to your colleges
Submit the applications you've worked so hard to create
Prepare for interviews
Learn how to interview like a champion.
Get financial aid & scholarships
Strategize a financial plan to secure your future

College Acceptance and Security

See how AcceptedX is transforming college success

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Schedule Your Consultation
Kickstart your journey by booking a one-on-one consultation. This is your first step towards a tailored college success plan, where we'll discuss your aspirations and how our program can help achieve them.
Create Your College Success Plan
In our consultation, we'll collaboratively discuss and outline a personalized college success strategy. This plan is designed to navigate the admissions process effectively, focusing on your unique goals and potential.
Register and Start Your Journey
Once your personalized plan is set, register for our College Counseling Program to start executing your strategy. Gain access to our comprehensive resources and expert guidance to make your college dreams a reality.

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Lead your
child into their
dream college.

Every day counts. Every decision matters. Your child's future is too important to leave to chance.

30 minutes consulting


Group sessions up to 15 students
2 hour weekly commitment


Entrepreneur growth sessions

Dream System™ curriculum

Access to a private community

Personal growth plan

Frequently Asked Questions

An internet connection and a laptop/computer.

This mostly depends on the prior experience and knowledge that the student has within the career path. We will have an assessment and a conversation to get a better idea on your teen’s knowledge, which path they want to take and be able to have a clearer answer on your call. 

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